Dec 16, 2014 - IS, Stock Analysis    No Comments

IS following a downward channel

Current Ichimoku setup on daily chart suggests that IS is in a downward trend. As price move inside the downward channel we can still get some good gains while price travel from support to resistance slope. But notice how the 0.43 level is trying to prevent the price from moving further up. If after few [...]

Dec 16, 2014 - AGI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

AGI holding on to support level

AGI’s support slope has been tested again after it tried to take off for two days. The bulls are still in a defensive mood trying to contain the bears. Will it be able to hold or a break from support will happen? Test buy can be done at this level but we should be quick [...]

Dec 16, 2014 - BLOOM, Stock Analysis    No Comments

BLOOM approaching resistance slope

BLOOM went on to touch the support slope last 12/11 followed by a Harami pattern which signal a bounce the following days until today but notice that the price is approaching its resistance slope partnered by the 13.0 mark which we noted on our previous analysis. Do you think the bulls will have enough power [...]

Dec 10, 2014 - FLI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

FLI: Gravestone Doji at the support line

FLI has been falling since the time it hit the upper range from our upward channel. Did it hit the bottom today? Notice that we have a Bullish Gravestone Doji today which means a possible reversal is at hand. If we will have a confirmation tomorrow via a large green candlestick then a bounce will [...]

Dec 7, 2014 - BLOOM, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Will the Doji turn the sentiment up?

The candlestick last Friday shows that bulls are beginning to show some muscles. But the question is, do they have enough strength? There might a spike from the price after the big drop last Thursday and Doji last Friday but I think the upper slope will be a strong resistance for BLOOM. Aside from that, [...]

Dec 7, 2014 - IS, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Will IS be able to break from current range?

IS has been moving sideways within 0.53 – 0.64 range Last Friday it went up by 5.2% to close at 0.61 per share and closing in at the resistance level. The Kijun Sen line together with the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level is acting as resistance for the bulls. Will they be able to break this [...]

Dec 7, 2014 - BKR, Stock Analysis    No Comments

BKR could hit 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level

BKR dropped hard last Friday as it fell by 7.9% to close at 2.90 per share. Looks like it is heading towards the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level or around 2.82 per share. There is no bullish signal yet coming from our candlesticks but if we will see some, then it would be a reversal. Test [...]

Dec 7, 2014 - AR, Stock Analysis    No Comments

No sign of life yet for AR

Weekly chart shows price crossing the Kijun Sen line which is a weak bearish signal and daily chart is showing us that price may still go down and may find support at 0.0064 per share where 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level is. Or at least if we will see a bullish pattern from our candlestick then [...]

Dec 7, 2014 - ALI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

ALI may move sideways for now

ALI may move sideways after Kijun Sen line was able to stop the price from moving further down. Notice also that the price close above 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. This will be our immediate support. Price is seen to move sideways within 35.70 and 34.66 per share. If price will break the support, our next [...]

COSCO moving upwards with less friction

Just like PGOLD, COSCO is not experiencing a strong resistance at the moment but may encounter headwinds along the way as it is atoverbought level based on RSI. Will it reach 9.5 per share soon? Ichimoku elements are all in bullish setup as of now. In case it will correct, our first line of defense [...]

Dec 3, 2014 - CMT, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Bulls are waiting for the right timing

After hitting the resistance slope we drawn last time (Resistance slope strong for the bulls), CMT is now retracing as it drop by 4% today. This may continue to do so and find support at 2.235 where the Kijun Sen line is. If that level is not too deep for you then you may hold [...]

Dec 3, 2014 - PGOLD, Stock Analysis    No Comments

PGOLD slowly moving up with no strong resistance yet

PUREGOLD has been moving upwards since the time it broke the Kumo¬†and may continue to do so but headwinds are still there while we are at early oversold level. Notice that we don’t have strong resistance as of this time based on daily chart. Ichimoku elements are all in a bullish setup which tell us [...]

Nov 27, 2014 - Stock Analysis    No Comments

Update on selected stocks 11/27/2014

EW – still moving inside an upward channel but showing bearish bias since it wasn’t ablve to break the Kijun Sen line HOUSE – consolidating at current level with bearish bias as Kijun Sen may attract price to go down at 7.36 ICT – fell by 2.6% today hitting the support area. Will it form [...]

Nov 27, 2014 - EDC, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Weak Bearish Signal on EDC

EDC fell by 4.9% today and found support at 50% Fibonacci Retracement level. Price crosses the Kijun Sen line which is a weak bearish signal. Aside from that, Ichimoku elements are still in a bullish setup but we don’t see any reversal for EDC yet. In case bears will continue to bring the price down, [...]