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Update on selected stocks 02/27/2015

AC – registered a weak bearish bias last Friday when price crossed the Kijun Sen line. As of now we don’t have any bullish candlestick formation and a possibility of going down towards 697 is there. Unless we will see a bullish formation from the candlesticks, there is no rush for us to get some [...]

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Update on selected stocks 02/25/2015

ALI – touching the resistance slope. ALI has been moving inside an upward channel. Will it break the resistance or follow with the routine? RSI is at 75.8 AR – broke the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level without any bullish candlestick formation. Could this dip to 0.004x? ATN – continue to move up touching the Kumo. [...]

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CEI went up by 8.1% last Friday to close at 0.147 per share. Based on its movement last Friday, it came short to close above the Kumo which act as its immediate support but have so far managed to close above another resistance from previous price movement. On its weekly chart, there is still room [...]

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Is it BLOOMing?

Closed the gap last Friday and approaching Kijun Sen line which pull the price from 10.x level. There is a possibility of going towards 12.x level as Kijun Sen line on weekly chart may pull the price up. Last Friday we saw a green light from Chikou Span as it move above the price. Talking [...]

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Sideways with bullish bias

Could the bullish divergence seen on RSI enough to make BEL reverse its trend from down to upward? We have seen BEL move up after this signal but the Kijun Sen Line is quite hard to break as a resistance at this point. Notice that it has been tried thrice and the bulls failed. There [...]

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AR going down towards 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level

AR continue to fall with a big drop of 5% last Friday it is now near its support at 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. We don’t see any bullish candlestick setup but this could be interesting to monitor especially if it will come near its support. If a bullish candlestick will appear in there then we [...]

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Update on selected stocks 02/17/2015

BEL – claimed control over the 4.40 resistance level. It closed at 4.45 with the help of Kijun Sen line. Will it be able to break the next resistance at 4.50 per share? Bullish divergence can be seen on RSI COSCO – the stock is still dealing with the resistance. In case bears will win [...]

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SSI hit the support slope

SSI fell by 5.4% to close at 9.8 per share touching the support slope. No sign of reversal today and instead we have additional weak bearish signal via Tenkan Sen / Kijun Sen Cross. Its important to monitor the Chikou Span also as it is about to give us another red signal. This will happen [...]

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Update on some stocks 02/06/2015

DNL – a debut is about to happen. Last candlestick suggests the bulls are still in control. Support can be seen at 17 per share. FGEN – may touch base at 28.3 per share where Kijun Sen line is. Once it hits there, look for a bullish candlestick setup. Test buy if there is. IS [...]

Kijun Sen may pull the price up

Weekly: DAVIN has been silent for quiet sometime now. Although Ichimoku system is telling us that this stock has bearish sentiment, a possible spike to 2.30 is expected due to the magnetic force from Kijun Sen line which is moving horizontally. Additionally, we have the flat Kumo that could also help pull the price up [...]

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Chikou Span turns green

Weekly: PGOLD has closed above 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level at last week’s closing. Will it continue to ascend and reach 44.85 per share soon? This 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level is now our support. This is at 42 per share. Chikou Span has also crossed the price from below which means additional bullish signal for PGOLD [...]