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Update on selected stocks 03/26/2015

ABS – may continue to move sideways with range from 60 – 64.70 per share. Weak bearish bias seen when Tenkan Sen line crosses Kijun Sen line from above AGI – still trying to break from the resistance slope. The threat at 25.27 may continue to stay there unless price will hit above 27.4 CEB [...]

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Bearish sentiment is still there following the Dark Cloud Cover we saw yesterday. Today it went down by 8.9% to close at 3.28 per share. There might be some spikes but it seems PPC will go down further based on what we are seeing on its chart. We don’t have much information since we only [...]

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Break from triangle?

Looks like a break from the triangle for MBT last Friday when it went up by 1.7% and close at 95.15 per share. Notice also that it broke from the Kijun Sen line which is considered strong bullish signal. After the breakout, we might see a test of newly found support which is our good [...]

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Sideways with bearish bias

Weekly chart on MAXS tells us that it may continue to dip as Kijun Sen line’s magnetic power continues to drag the price down. On daily chart, price is inside the Kumo and while we have a Kijun Sen above, the flat Senkou Span is pulling the price down. With some weak bearish signals shown [...]

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Did HOUSE hit the bottom last week?

Daily chart: HOUSE found support at 50% Fibonacci Retracement level and my try to move within 9.11 – 8.67 per share with bullish bias. The reason why it may move sideways is because the Harami we saw last Thursday wasn’t confirmed but was not negated either. So bulls and bears may just let it to [...]

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Bounce at 161.8% Fibonacci Retracement level

FNI may have a slow rise after the Harami without no confirmation but after two days, it is picking up. Last Friday it went up by 4.8% to close at 2.41 per share. Notice that FNI’s dip from 2.98 per share last March 3 to 2.18 few days ago coincides with the 161.8% Fibonacci Retracement [...]

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Few more dips for CEB?

Daily chart shows that the Senkou Span of Kumo continues to support the price but weekly chart suggests price may dip to 82.3 per share based on where Kijun Sen line is right now. Still its a good weekly chart for CEB with Ichimoku elements still in bullish positions. For those who would like to [...]

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With the help of Senkou Span

Senkou Span B was able to support the price at the closing. MER fell to as low as 265 but was able to close above the support line 267 per share. It is very important that MER will maintain its price above the support line so that the bullish sentiment will not disappear. Test buy [...]

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No confirmation after Harami

After dropping to 161.8% Fibonacci Retracement level, FNI tried to make a come back which was seen when it formed a Harami yesterday but today’s price movement didn’t confirm yesterday’s bullishness. The way it moved today, it seems that FNI will move sideways for a while with possibility of a spike towards 2.61 per share. [...]

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Double Bottom?

Looks like a double bottom for FNI when it hit the previous bottom last time. Will it move up this week? There is no bullish candlestick setup as of this time but notice that we have a possible bullish divergence on our RSI. RSI or Relative Strength Index is at 30.7 Caveat!

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Senkou Span B provides good support

EDC has found support at Senkou Span B of the Kumo. Will EDC be able to continue rising this week? Ichimoku elements on the daily chart is not that good but if you look at its weekly chart, it is still bullish which means the dip is just a headwind. EDC is biased towards bullish [...]

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Will support be broken?

CEI may continue to fall and find support at 0.1455 where Kijun Sen line and support slope is waiting. In our daily chart, CEI is moving within an upward channel so any dip is an opportunity to buy. If we look at the weekly chart it is evident that the Kijun Sen line is a [...]

Mar 10, 2015 - PGOLD, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Will it create a lower high or break the resistance?

Is PGOLD going to create a lower high again or break from the resistance slope. Notice that there is an downward channel being developed that could cause PGOLD to reverse after hittig the resistance slope. As of now we don’t have any bearish candlestick formation but this is where we need to monitor this stock. [...]