Oct 30, 2014 - AR, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Negating Dark Cloud Cover

AR continue to move upwards negating the bearishness brought by the Dark Cloud Cover. Will it reach the possible target we saw last time when it break from the triangle? All Ichimoku elements are in bullish setup while RSI or Relative Strength Index has just started to move up again. Although it is still in [...]

Oct 28, 2014 - PNX, Stock Analysis    1 Comment

Reaching 261.8% Fibonacci Retracement level

PNX has been falling for quite some time now and has reached the 261.8% Fibonacci Retracement level. Is this the bottom for PNX? We don’t see any bullish pattern from the candlesticks yet and Ichimoku elements don’t give a clue that bulls are in control. What interests us here is the 261.8% Fibonacci Retracement level [...]

Oct 28, 2014 - PLC, Stock Analysis    No Comments

About to close the gap

The bulls gained more confidence over PLC as it negates the bearish sentiment yesterday as depicted by the Shooting Star candlestick. This candlestick was not confirmed today which means price may continue to go up. Interestingly, the gap is about to be closed. Will there be any reason for that to go up once the [...]

Oct 26, 2014 - PGOLD, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Will PGOLD change course?

Weekly chart: PGOLD has been declining these past few weeks and we have seen a downward channel which could lead PGOLD to as 30.x But so far this week PGOLD has shown some bullishness as it move up to retest resistance slope without touching from the support slope. Will the bulls cut off its travel [...]

Oct 26, 2014 - BKR, Stock Analysis    No Comments

BKR may hit Kijun Sen line before bouncing

Weekly chart: BKR’s Doji on previous week wasn’t confirmed which is a sign that it will continue to move down. The Kijun Sen line which is moving horizontally at 3.325 may have influenced the fall of the price. But as soon as price will get there, this line will act as a support. That would [...]

Oct 26, 2014 - ACR, Stock Analysis    No Comments

ACR moving inside the triangle

Weekly chart: ACR continue to move inside the triangle and may continue to do so based on the candlesticks presented these past weeks. The area has become narrow with around 2.0 – 2.10 playing field for the traders. If price will break from the resistance then we will see ACR register a new high. Otherwise, [...]

Oct 26, 2014 - AR, Stock Analysis    No Comments

AR breaking from the triangle

Daily chart: Last Oct 21 we notice that AR has been consolidating inside the triangleĀ and last Friday it broke out. Although it did not close at the high, there is still chance for AR to move up. RSI or Relative Strength Index has just entered overbought level but if you compare it to the previous [...]

Oct 26, 2014 - PCOMP, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Index bounced at Kijun Sen line

Based on the weekly chart, our index has bounced from 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level last week. Will it continue its ascend? It also got help from Kijun Sen line, stopping the bears from pulling the price down. All Ichimoku elements are still in a bullish setup which means the ascend is likely to continue. It [...]

Oct 22, 2014 - MCP, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Will it close the gap?

MCP closed the first gap today. Will it continue to move up and close the next gap? The ascend was stopped by the Kijun Sen line today and while Ichimoku elements are still in a bullish setup, we might see a weak bearish signal if Tenkan Sen line will cross the Kijun Sen line from [...]

Oct 22, 2014 - LRW    No Comments

Bears are not giving up yet

While LRW have broken the resistance, bears are not yet done. The candlestick today suggests that bears are still there. LRW went up as high as 3.05 but retraces and closed at 2.90 forming a Shooting Star candlestick. If price tomorrow will close 2.75 or below then we will see a confirmation of the bearish [...]

Oct 21, 2014 - AR, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Where to break after consolidating?

Looks like AR is consolidating inside a triangle. The slope acting as the resistance while Kijun Sen line is acting as support. Who will win? Is it the bulls or the bears? For now its a wait and see but it should not take a long time for us to see which direction price will [...]

Oct 20, 2014 - LRW, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Trying to break resistance for the 4th time

LRW has been trying to break the 2.75 per share resistance but failed. Today is the 4th day of trying. Will the bulls finally give in to the bears? In case that will happen, the immediate support is at 2.58 per share. Ichimoku elements are still in bullish setup. It just need some push and [...]

Oct 20, 2014 - EDC, Stock Analysis    No Comments

EDC hit Kijun Sen line

EDC has bounced from 7.05 per share last week. It closed today at 7.6 per share hitting the Kijun Sen line that acted as immediate resistance. Will EDC be able to break that? Ichimoku elements showing weak bearish signal last week but it could recover if price will go up and close above Kijun Sen [...]