Apr 15, 2014 - BKD, Stock Analysis    No Comments

BKD continue to move sideways

BKD continue to move sideways while Tenkan Sen line is doing the support for the price not to go down. This support is not too strong though. On the other hand the Kijun Sen line is still moving horizontally at 2.21 which means there a chance BKD will drop to that level unless this line [...]

Apr 15, 2014 - BHI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

BHI starting to get bullish?

Is BHI ready to rally after moving below the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level? BHI pierced through this line today, closing at 0.138 per share. Notice that we have a Kijun Sen moving horizontally at 0.147 which will be our target. But before that, we need to monitor if the newly found support will hold. Ichimoku [...]

Apr 14, 2014 - Stock Analysis, SUN    No Comments

The SUN has finally risen

After the bears and the bulls trying to outsmart each other the bulls finally won the battle as it move up past two resistances. Today we have found our new support at 1.45 per share or 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement level. Last week we have been waiting for the SUN to rise and so far we it [...]

Apr 14, 2014 - DAVIN (MMI), Stock Analysis    No Comments

DAVIN developing a cup

DAVIN advances by 10.5% today closing above the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level or 1.15 per share. This is now our newly found support. There might be a test of this support before continuing to rise but our immediate target will be the 1.25 per share to complete the cup formation. The RSI or Relative Strength [...]

Apr 14, 2014 - Stock Analysis, TEL    No Comments

Fill that gap TEL

TEL has been climbing slowly after it dropped to 2654 per share last March. Currently it is hovering above the Kijun Sen line which act as support together with the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level. Notice how we setup our fibonacci system. The previous rally was followed by a 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level (not seen on [...]

Apr 13, 2014 - SMPH, Stock Analysis    No Comments

SMPH establishing new support

SMPH continue to move up and has closed above the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. This is our newly found support. Although Ichimoku elements are still in a bearish setup, we are looking at 16.86 as our target price for SMPH. This is because we have seen Kijun Sen line moving horizontally at this level. This [...]

Apr 13, 2014 - LTG (TDY), Stock Analysis    No Comments

LTG still consolidating

LTG may continue to consolidate inside a small triangle formation while the Kijun Sen line is moving horizontally. LTG can’t fly as the line keeps on attracting the price. The line is also near the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level which acts as support. In case price will soon break from consolidation, its spike can be [...]

Apr 13, 2014 - DWC, Stock Analysis    No Comments


Looks like DWC has been moving sideways for few weeks now with the last week having a green candlestick which suggests an awakening of the bulls. Is it the start of the rise of DWC? So far we don’t have a lot of trades for this stock but based on our weekly chart, there is [...]

Apr 13, 2014 - ALI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Bearish One Black Crow on ALI

ALI’s weekly chart is showing some bearish sentiment via the Bearish One Black Crow. This pattern appears in an uptrend and consists of a green candlestick and a red candlestick in which the red candlestick opens below the previous close and closes below its open. The pattern looks similar to the Bearish Harami pattern. The [...]

Apr 10, 2014 - GERI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

GERI consolidating inside a triangle

While GERI is consolidating, it seems it is moving inside a triangle after its ascend from 1.22 per share. If indeed it is going to move inside the triangle then we may see GERI to hit resistance around 1.91 or 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level and come back to its support line and continue to move [...]

Apr 10, 2014 - CPG, Stock Analysis    No Comments

CPG nearly hitting Kijun Sen line

CPG almost hit the Kijun Sen line at 1.49 today. The line tried to attract the price since the time CPG is trading below 1.40 per share. Will CPG reach and cross the line tomorrow? What we are waiting here is a Kijun Sen Cross which will trigger a bullish signal for CPG who is [...]

Apr 10, 2014 - LRW, Stock Analysis    No Comments

LRW moving towards Kijun Sen line

LRW slipped through the support line at 1.22 or the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level and close at 1.19 per share. Although we have seen LRW to retrace at this level last month, there is a possibility it will continue to go down because of the Kijun Sen line that is moving horizontally at 1.11 It [...]

Apr 9, 2014 - Stock Analysis, SUN    1 Comment

Will the SUN shine early?

SUN went up as high as 1.06 but settled at 1.02 per share at the closing. The previous action of SUN brought its price below the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level but the bulls were able to bring it back above the line. It is also interesting to note that previous candlestick is a Doji which [...]

Apr 9, 2014 - FGEN, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Wait for the signal before getting in

The bad news about the damaged transformer brought FGEN to its support level after it dropped by 9% yesterday. Currently at 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level we could see a black Marubozu which shows bearishness among the traders. Ichimoku elements are also starting to show bearish signals with Kijun Sen Cross as the first one we [...]

No more hangover COSCO?

COSCO will make another try to hit the resistance line somewhere at 10. Last time it went up it wasn’t able to sustain its bullishness and went back to bed to sleep. Eight trading days after and COSCO will try to stand up. Will it be able to reach the top this time? The weak [...]