Jul 23, 2014 - FGEN, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Kijun Sen Cross on FGEN

FGEN continues to go up past the Kijun Sen line which signaled a bullish bias via the Kijun Sen Cross. Supports are the 22.12 or the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level and the Kijun Sen line itself. The dip to the 78.2% Fibonacci Retracement level recently leads us to speculate that the current rise may continue [...]

Jul 22, 2014 - CMT, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Engulfing pattern on CMT

Did CMT hit the bottom yesterday? The successive drop brought CMT to its recent low of 2.34 per share but today we saw some bullishness as it move up by 7.1% to close at 2.57 per share. This creates an Engulfing pattern on our last two candlesticks. Ichimoku elements are still in a bullish setup [...]

Jul 22, 2014 - BLOOM, Stock Analysis    No Comments

BLOOM got a Doji

The bears begin to creep in on BLOOM as it tries to cross the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level today. The fight between the bears and the bulls today can be seen via the Doji candlestick today. It went as high as 11.68 and as low as 11.30 but closed where it opened. Doji is a [...]

Jul 20, 2014 - ORE, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Price may consolidate at current level

Looks like ORE will take a breather for a while before it will continue to climb. We are still looking at 2.23 as our support and 2.40 our next resistance. Based on the candlestick last Friday, it seems that price will move sideways to consolidate but still the bullish sentiment is still there as depicted [...]

Jul 20, 2014 - DAVIN (MMI), Stock Analysis    No Comments

Will Kijun Sen help pull the price up?

DAVIN is consolidating 3 – 3.14 level. The 50% Fibonacci Retracement level has been a strong resistance for DAVIN but so far the bulls haven’t given up yet. With the help of the Kijun Sen’s power to attract the price, we might see DAVIN to break the current resistance and move towards 3.73 per share. [...]

Jul 20, 2014 - DWC, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Kijun Sen line may pull the price up

DWC is closed at 1.88 per share last Friday and could have bottomed out already at current level. The Kijun Sen line that is moving horizontally at 2.12 may pull the price up but this may be short-lived only. Ichimoku elements are still in a bearish position. Chikou Span moving below the price, Tenkan Sen [...]

Jul 20, 2014 - PCOMP, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Index moving below 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level

Our index ended in red last week closing at 6816.90 Based on our Fibonacci Retracement level the current resistance is at 6903.42 or the 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level while support is at 6826.13 and then the 6648.08 The flat Kumo at 6482.89 and the Kijun Sen line at 6451.36 is a threat for the bulls. [...]

Jul 17, 2014 - ORE, Stock Analysis    No Comments

ORE to challenge next resistance?

After breaking the resistance at 2.23 or 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level yesterday, the bears tried to pull the price down but so far the newly found support is able to hold the price not to go down. This means that the bulls are stronger than the bears at this time and may lead to price [...]

Jul 17, 2014 - SINO, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Bulls are back

SINO recovered today after it broke the support at 1.65 yesterday. The bulls were able to bring the price above 1.65 this time and it may proceed to test the 1.82 per share or the 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level we setup last time. Still we need to take extra care because the Kijun Sen line [...]

Jul 15, 2014 - LTG (TDY), Stock Analysis    1 Comment


LTG has finally broken its silence after consolidating for few weeks. The Kijun Sen line at 16.94 per share is still there since we saw it few weeks ago. Could this be the right time for LTG to hit that mark? Based on Ichimoku system, most of the elements are in bullish setup except that [...]

Jul 15, 2014 - AGI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

Harami Cross on AGI

Did AGI hit the bottom yesterday when it fell by 3%? Today it shows a bullish bias after it close at the opening price. We are currently looking at the BULLISH HARAMI CROSS. This type of candlestick pattern suggests that after the selling spree there is indecision between the bears and the bulls. If this [...]

Jul 13, 2014 - SLI, Stock Analysis    No Comments

SLI may retrace and touch where Kijun Sen line is

SLI went down by 3.1% to close at 0.95 per share last Friday. Notice also that the previous price high registered a higher RSI but the recent high registered a lower high. This means that SLI has a bearish divergence on RSI. Could this be a recipe for a retrace? If the bears will continue [...]