BLOOM heading for the upper end

BLOOM was able to stay above the 20-day SMA line after it rallied by 3.77% It seems that BLOOM is trading within the a horizontal channel and may hit the resistance line soon. But monitor the 100-day SMA line as it comes near our price. It may hinder our price from moving up. We don’t see any bad candlestick as of now.


4 Responses to BLOOM heading for the upper end

  1. Jai Ho says:

    BLOOM all the way bhala na si iron man ehehe..

  2. Felix T. Gomez Jr. says:

    gaining na si Jai Ho

  3. Jai Ho says:

    hahahahaha…nindota imo mga post sir…supatiming 😀

  4. […] heading for the upper end, BLOOM continue to rise and close above the resistance zone. This is now our newly found support. […]

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