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Let ABA test its support

Been speculating on ABA to reverse after seeing the first Doji inside the Falling Wedge Pattern but even with other positive indicators it didn’t rally. Although it didn’t go down as well. Looking at the volume maybe we can get

Speculating on ABA

ABA is characterized by a downtrend with two Doji‘s at the bottom. What are the traders thinking at this time? Dojis usually suggests that a reversal might take place soon. Actually yesterday’s last two candlesticks formed a Harami Cross pattern

ABAra kadabra

ABA is characterized by downtrend when we first see some selling reflected by the long, red real body the past days. However today we see a small body which suggests bears’ power is diminishing and bulls is trying to conquer

ABAng abang

After the dark cloud cover, the price have some small gains but I think in a bigger picture this stock is still in a downtrend. Unless there is a good indicator that will show up on Monday, I think what

ABAndon ship!

A dark cloud cover hovering at the top of the uptrend signifying bears are overrunning the bulls of the previous day. Bearish Dark Cloud Cover Pattern is a two-candlestick pattern signaling a top reversal after an uptrend. We see a