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Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 7/21/2017

Philippine stock market

2GO – sideways with bullish bias. If Kumo on daily chart will be broken, it will hit 28 per share. ABS – may continue to move up and eventually hit strong resistance near 47 per share. Other resistances are 43.3

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 7/1/2016

stock market

ABS – looks like it found a bottom last week. Will it be able to break the 48.8 per share barrier? AGI – bulls have gained control last Friday with the help of Senkou Span A which acts as support.

Sentiment on some stocks 10/01/2014

ABS – continue to fall and there is a possibility it will touch 40.7 where the Kijun Sen line is unless we will see a bullish reversal candlestick pattern. All Ichimoku elements are still in bullish setup so this is

Did ABS hit the bottom at 29

Did ABS hit the bottom at 29 per share? Notice that this level has been tested three times in a row and so far it is holding. This retrace from the low of 24.10 to 47 is already at 78.6%

Descending Triangle on ABS

ABS is consolidating within a triangle formation and as it move, the area becomes narrower. We could see lower highs and a horizontal line which we call the Descending Triangle. Are we going to see a break on ABS soon?

Dont let them down ABS

ABS is moving out from its current trading range with a good volume but at the same time is met with another resistance zone. ABS needs to retain its momentum so it can further break the immediate resistance. In case

ABS at 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level

Last week we speculated that ABS might trade within the rectangle but it failed to sustain within that zone. Instead it went down by 3.92% last week. At the closing last Friday ABS was able to stay in green after

ABS on consolidation zone

Currently we are experiencing a “pause” on ABS‘s uptrend run. As we see on its daily chart, price movement seems to be enclosed in a consolidation zone where we have our resistance line at top and support line at the

ABS tuning up after the holiday?

Looks like ABS is shaping up after the holidays. Could it build the perfect 6-pack abs or it will need more time to grind those fats and bulls to build some more muscles to break all resistances? An impressive run

Symmetrical Triangle on ABS

A potential breakout for ABS as we see its price move from below to above the middle band. Also a symmetrical triangle formation has been formed and price may break the upper slope (resistance). We also observed a decline in

Start of ABS workout?

Looks like the bearish signal yesterday is not confirmed and price just went up above the 20 day SMA. Looks like the little Homing Pigeon is more powerful bullish reversal at this point. Price is nearing resistance level. How hard

Done with the test? (ABS weekly chart)

ABS‘s price move at the early days of the week can be regarded as our test for the newly found support after it breaks from the resistance. Although the entire week was fairly dominated by the bulls it seems it