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Is ACE tired?

ACE went up yesterday to the ceiling with impressive volume but wasn’t able to sustain it today. The volume drop a lot but the price didn’t. What conclusion can we draw from this? Does it mean players are just watching

Good rally for ACE

Will ACE be successful in breaking the 73.4% Fibonacci Retracement level tomorrow after it touch that level today? Very impressive volume and price action but can it sustain? Nowadays we usually see a large candlestick followed by red ones. Is


While no candlestick formation that suggests a change in trend this stock will still consolidate for a period of time. When? Your guess is as good as mine. Caveat!

ACE-till down

The trend reversal indicator (Doji) was not confirmed last Friday. For it to become a valid reversal, the candle after the Doji should be either a gap up or large green candle.

Fold or Hold?

If you have ACE (ACESITE (PHILS.) HOTEL CORP.), you might be wondering if you are going to fold or hold. Well, today’s candlestick seems to suggest a trend reversal from bearish. At the end of the downtrend we see a

Up and retrACE

Latest trend in our market. A stock will gap up and close high then on the second day it will go down and whether you consider it dark cloud cover or not, I am not buying this stock for now.