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Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 10/06/2017

Philippine stock market

AC – up by 4.6% last week to close at 1015 per share. There is no bearish signal as of this time but the stock is already overbought so be careful. AGI – sideways with bullish bias ALCO – down

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 9/29/2017

Philippine Stock Market

2GO – sideways movement. The 19.13 – 21.90 range is still intact. AGI – bullish sentiment is still intact and a retrace should be a welcome development. ALCO – sideways with bullish bias. It is currently moving inside the Kumo

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 9/22/2017

Philippine stock market

2GO – sideways with bullish bias. AC – no bearish signal has been formed yet although RSI or Relative Strength Index is already suggesting the stock is oversold. AGI – toppish at current level. Still maintaining its bullishness but the

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 6/16/2017

Philippine Stock Market

2GO – it was able to bounce from the Kijun Sen line last Wednesday but it seems it is only creating a lower high. Bearish sentiment is still in the atmosphere. Support is still at the Kijun Sen line at

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 5/26/2017

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ACR – may continue to move up and satisfy its potential reversal zone at 1.7x per share which corresponds to 161.8% Fibonacci Retracement level. AGI – pierced through Kumo signaling a bullish sentiment on weekly chart. It could form a

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 7/8/2016

Philippine Stock Market

ANI – went up by 4% last week to close at 3.89 per share. Bullish sentiment is still there and price may go up towards 4.5x per share with the help of Kijun Sen line. 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level is

Almost done with the cup

Last September 17 we saw AP forming a cup and so far it has been steady in doing so. Now it is about to hit 42, will it retrace to form the handle? Ichimoku elements are still in a bullish position

Sentiment on some stocks 10/01/2014

ABS – continue to fall and there is a possibility it will touch 40.7 where the Kijun Sen line is unless we will see a bullish reversal candlestick pattern. All Ichimoku elements are still in bullish setup so this is

Is it going to form a cup?

AP may continue to move up and create a cup with target around 42.5 per share to level with the previous high. Both Ichimoku elements on weekly and daily charts are in bullish position which supports our speculation about the

Harami on AP at support level

Looking at the chart of AP today we can see an interesting formation at the support level. Current price is at 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level which acts as support. The last two candlesticks are forming what we called Bullish Harami.

AP still in an upward channel but may correct

AP might have spiked last Thursday and we think it might reach the previous recent high but based on the movement last Friday there is a reason to be alarmed. See how the long the upper wick of the candlestick

Bulls on AP may bring the price back to its recent high

From the low of 31.75 to the high of 37.10, AP has retraced and bounced at 50% Fibonacci Retracement level. The candlestick formation yesterday provided us with the information that the bulls are in control. Today’s price movement has been

AP continue to form an Ascending Triangle

AP continued to form the Ascending Triangle after we see it last time (AP forming an Ascending Triangle). The area where the price is moving becomes narrower. This is about to break…. but to what direction? I would like again

AP forming an Ascending Triangle

AP has been knocking the resistance line several times already and has been showing bullish bias based on the higher lows it created but will the bulls win the game or they will become tired pushing and eventually give up?


AP moving below the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level when it dropped by 3.56% last Thursday. The bulls tried to recover the next day as seen by its large green candlestick but still unable to stay above 50% level at the