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Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 1/29/2016

philippine stock market

PSEi – index bounced after it touched the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level 2 weeks ago. Last week it went up by 7.7% to close at 6687.62. Notice on its weekly chart the movement of index. As you can see it

Done testing the support?

After breaking from the resistance, COAL is has been testing the newly found support and so far it is strong. Will COAL now continue to move up? Although Ichimoku elements are still in a bearish setup, we speculate that there

Will COAL close the gap at 1.40?

COAL went up by 5.6% to close at 1.31 per share which is above our resistance at 1.26 per share. Although the Ichimoku elements are all in a bearish mood, price may continue to go up where the Kijun Sen

Will COAL continue to drop?

COAL dropped yesterday by 15.4% breaking the Kijun Sen line on weekly chart and piercing the Kumo on the daily chart. Today the bulls tried to equalize with the bears but wasn’t able to break the newly found resistance at

Is COAL warming up?

Bullish One White Soldier is seen today on COAL’s chart after it touched the 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement level. If price will continue to move up ang break the 1.51 barrier then a greater chance for COAL to test again the

COAL: Kijun Sen line and the gap may pull the price down

COAL has been trying to close above 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level but has failed many times. Will it soon give up to the magnetic power of the Kijun Sen line which is moving horizontally at 1.26? or it is just

Kijun Sen threat on COAL

After reaching 1.22 per share, COAL retraced and is now trading at 1.13 per share. Based on its chart, there is a threat coming from the Kijun Sen line at 1.01 per share. The Kijun Sen line has the power

White Opening Marubozu on COAL

Looks like a good sign for COAL to finally reverse soon. Today COAL close at 1.06 16.48% from last Friday’s price. The price movement creates a White Opening Marubozu candlestick which may signal the start of a bullish trend. But

mULING ibalik si COAL?

Low reliability candlestick called Hammer can be seen on COAL’s chart today. Is it the start of its bounce or just a fake signal? There might be a chance it will go up but chance might be slim since Hammer

COAL is moving

Long green candlestick can be seen on today’s COAL chart. Long green candlestick show strong buying pressure. This candlestick is an indication that the closing price is further above the opening price. It shows that the prices advanced significantly from

Prepare the BBQ

Looks like COAL is now aggressive and bulls want to dominate the battlefield. After COAL was in red territory the bulls push the price up and made it stay bullish until closing. Thus we see a candlestick with a long