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Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 3/10/2017

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ALCO – went up by 7.1% last Friday but weekly chart shows indecisive sentiment between bears and bulls. If this will be confirmed, then price will move down but because of last Friday’s movement, there is a greater chance it

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/25/2016

Philippine stock market

AC – bearish sentiment is evident on this stock after it dropped by 6.7% last week. Although it found support at the Kumo and 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level, it may not be enough for a reversal. It could go sideways

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/18/2016

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AC – the stock found support from the Kumo. If you look at its weekly chart, we have a good bounce from there. Looking at its daily chart, there is still a reason for it to move up in order

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/11/2016

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AC – down by 13% last week and no bullish signal is seen yet. Better not to be in a hurry to buy even when RSI or Relative Strength Index is at 26 Wait for the signal. ACR – currently

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 4/22/2016

Philippine Stock Market

2GO – went up by 12.3% to close at 8.20 per share last week. Onward to complete cup formation. AGF – two contradicting candlesticks for the past two weeks tells us that the stock may continue to move sideways for

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 2/12/2016

Philippine Stock Market

2GO – weekly chart shows that the stock is still moving within the support but has so far accumulated bearish sentiment as it moves away from the cloud. Test buy at this level. 6.0 per share is still the psychological

Falling Wedge on DIZ

We have noticed DIZ last week to go up on the early minutes after the opening but never rally until the closing. Additionally, there were only a few trades for DIZ since last week of October and from that week

DIZ on 76.4% Fibonacci Retracement level (weekly chart)

DIZON COPPER SILVER MINES, INC. JAP stock like DIZ is not doing well for the past few weeks already. Looking at the weekly chart, current trend is downward and forming a falling wedge. Price also touch the 76.4% Fibonacci Retracement

Dizon the diver

DIZ continues to dive for the past few days now. It is about to touch the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level. If it breaks that support, welcome to the abyss! But is that a Hammer we are seeing? It looks like


Today’s price went down breaking the major support. If only the candlestick today was a hammer then there might be a chance it will go up tomorrow but its not. We might see more dips tomorrow. The major support becomes

Your DIZtiny

After a long wait of where DIZ will take us, it seems this is going nowhere but down for now. Basing on the chart, the price is inside the rectangle. It is very important to note that within that continuation


Angping defending DIZ not to fall below 30 is the top buyer at 31. The same figure has the highest trade price percentage. But tomorrow will be another battle. I will be looking at my other option if price will


We have seen DIZ in a downtrend for few days now. Support at around 29 – 30. If broken, then ito ay maging DIZgrasya! Watch the trend pointing down and approaching support line of the triangle.  

Almost there DIZ

A good rally for DIZ today which closes 6.71% to 35.80 I am still thinking that this will break the resistance any time soon. The rectangle (continuation) pattern has been extended already and this is ripe for breakout. Volume is

Still need more patience on DIZ

Friday’s movement for DIZ gives us a good chance of breaking the resistance but today there seems to be an equal chance that it will break the support (going down) or break the resistance (going up). Overall, this is still

Feeling DIZzy now?

Still in consolidation mode but the trend inside the rectangle is looking good. We might still see some little red candles but this week might be the week we are waiting for. Patience brothers! On second thought, EO has been

What is your DIZtiny

This is still in consolidation mode but volume appears to be picking up. Price is within the upper half of the rectangle so there is greater chance of this to go up than go down. If resistance will be broken

Anybody’s ball game for DIZON COPPER SILVER MINES, INC

DIZ did not move as I expected but basing on the current price and candle, this is still anybody’s ball game. Volume is not on our side and that reflects the price movement. A day or two of consolidation might

DIZneyland or DIZaster?

DIZON COPPER SILVER MINES, INC (DIZneyland or DIZaster) A rectangle pattern can be seen on DIZ. This is a continuation pattern and in few days may break either the resistance or the support. Price can also extend its movement within

Bullish Descending Triangle for DIZON COPPER SILVER MINES, INC

DIZ (DIZON COPPER SILVER MINES, INC) We have seen most of mining stocks went up, DIZ at the forefront. From my TA, it has just broken from the triangle with a very significant volume. Is this price-action and volume at