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Is EG ready for a breakout?

Looks like the support line of EG is a strong one. Early last month, around this level is where the rally started. But it was a one day wonder as it move downwards after that. Last week, this level has

Be careful with you EG

The tag of war last Tuesday (Bulls vs Bears on EG) resulted to another tag of war yesterday but today is a different story. It went up by 13% but its forming an Engulfing pattern. Where will it go now?

Bulls vs Bears on EG

A tag of war between bulls and bears was seen in today’s trading. It gaps up at the opening but almost all day the price went up and down near its opening price. Every time it went up, bears will


EG might just have 1 more rally and then test its newly found support. That is if it will break the resistance with a good price movement and volume tomorrow. I see a strong resistance somewhere near within the psychological