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Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 10/09/2015

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Use the notes below to counter check your own analysis! 2GO – weekly chart shows the stock starts to bounce. Look at the price movement at the support slope. Is 2GO ready for a bounce? Kijun Sen line at 8.6

Silent ELI

The 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level has been a strong support since it dropped last June 24. Is it about to give in or about to fly? ELI has been out of the basura scene for quite sometime now. Volume and

ELI bounced at 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level

ELI bounced at 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. Looking at the chart we could see that this price zone has been a resistance before the price went as high as 1.21. Is ELI done taking a rest? Currently our price is

ELI silently climbing. Is he tired?

ELI is silently climbing up the ladder since last week. From the lower band now to the upper band of Bollinger Band. Last two days ago we have an unconfirmed reversal from a Doji but today we have another Doji.

ELI-lipad na ba or ELI-libing?

Is ELI about to break loose or it still need to touch the support before doing so? When we saw the two dojis few weeks ago we thought it is the ripe time for it to bounce but that time

Bullish bias on ELI still remains

Looks like ELI still have the bullish bias after it close with a Doji candlestick the second time around. our observation remains the same after it closed although during the morning session we thought that it will fall down because

What’s next ELI?

ELI has been going down for a few days now. Today, a sign of reversal emerges. Just like what we saw last week of December when it reverses, the same candlestick can be seen today. Will there be a repeat

ELI, add rise please

ELI‘s White Marubozu following the spinning top on our weekly chart suggests it still have a chance to go up following the 9% ascent last week. With a strong force from the bulls, price may cross the upper band of

Marching above the band

Still looking good on our daily chart as it stays above the upper band and candlestick is a neutral one. No signal for reversal yet but price movement may be affected by profit taking tomorrow on some traders who bought

Another good day for ELI

Looks like ELI is not yet finish as it advances today by 4.85%. Yesterday, the bulls defended well the 1.02 level. As price stayed above the Bollinger Band, we might still see a good advance for ELI tomorrow. Or is

Bullish on ELI

The long green candlestick today suggests ELI will soon have a new battle field above 1.02 but that is if it can stay above the resistance level. I think ELI just went above the resistance today but the margin is

Careful on ELI

Looks like ELI is tired of going up the hill and after the indecisive mood (two days) it finally make its move going down. Will it continue to do so? Looking at the daily chart we can see an Evening

Impressive run for ELI today

Good rally for ELI as it rise from below 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level to above it and breaking the resistance. For a few days, ELI’s price is playing within the 23.6% level but today it went up with very good

Hanging Man and Harami found on ELI

ELI ended up with a Harami formation plus the last candlestick is a Hanging Man. Yesterday it closed with a 2% decline after rallying 4% the previous day. But it seems that after the rally, ELI is getting tired and

ELI left

A good rally for ELI as it breaks the resistance at 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. Yesterday I thought the formation was a BULLISH GRAVESTONE DOJI but was hesistant to enter because normally it is a red candlestick followed by a

Bulls on the run

Good rally for ELI boy as it pass through different resistance levels up to 0.87 Today’s close at 0.88 with good volume suggests the bulls are not yet done. Buy signal on MACD plus low RSI, this may rally more

Effect of Stock Rights Offer

End of the stock rights offer is very near. Will there be a play for ELI? Is the spike today means the beginning of the series of spikes until October 5? Looks like the price of ELI was pumped at

Watch mode for ELI

ELI has been going down lately even with the speculation that it will reach 1 because of the stock rights offer. Now trading midway 23.6% and 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level. Our formation is a small Gravestone Doji. Is it the

ELI woke up

Has ELI (EMPIRE EAST LAND HOLDINGS, INC) finished consolidating? The large green candle today seemed to suggest that it is now going to move up. It broke the resistance at 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level. Onward to piso? Let us see

Waiting for ELI’s repeat performance?

ELI (EMPIRE EAST LAND HOLDINGS, INC) had a slow start until finish. It seems there is no effect for the SRO ex-date. Record date will be 3 days from now. Are we going to see a rally by that time?