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FDC at 23.6% Fibonacci Retracment level

There might be a technical bounce for FDC as it touch the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. This support level has been a strong resistance last month. After it broke early this month, it registered an all time high of 6.99

Will it continue to fly?

As we all know, FDC has moved up significantly starting end of January this year up to first half of February. An in a 1-year time frame, it is generally in an uptrend. On its recent price movement we can

Retreat but don’t surrender

FDC is currently on an uptrend but declined by 2.24% today. Is this going to be a signal of correction? What we see on its daily chart looks like a Bearish Two Crows pattern. We see a long green candlestick

Should FDC rest?

FDC made multiple rallies giving last week a total of 13% gain to holders. But will it continue this week or bears will soon appear and change the mood? Last Friday we saw an Engulfing pattern which could mean the


FDC may soon test its support at around 4.90 – 5.00 and it seems bears are ready to take the center stage if bulls will be lax. This bearish bias is reflected by today’s candlesticks which is a Shooting Star. Although it