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Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 8/11/2017

philippine stock market

2GO – a spike may occur but the stock is bearish in short term as of this time. AC – sideways with bearish bias. AGI – bearish signal seen last week after it dropped by 4.8% to close at 13.52

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 7/7/2017

stock trading

AC – showed bullish signal last Friday after it pierced through the Kumo and Kijun Sen line. This movement denotes that bears are currently in control. New support will be the Kumo and the KSL while resistances at 880 and

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/18/2016

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AC – the stock found support from the Kumo. If you look at its weekly chart, we have a good bounce from there. Looking at its daily chart, there is still a reason for it to move up in order

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/11/2016

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AC – down by 13% last week and no bullish signal is seen yet. Better not to be in a hurry to buy even when RSI or Relative Strength Index is at 26 Wait for the signal. ACR – currently

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/13/2015

philippine stocks exchange

PSEi – Friday’s movement was quite interesting. If you look at the daily chart you notice an upward channel where index is moving. Last candlestick is a Doji which represent equilibrium between the bears and the bulls. Since this appears

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/10/2015

Philippine Stock Market

AC – based on its chart, the weak bearish signal is still there. Notice that today’s price was not able to close above the Kijun Sen line. But since we have a support slope that could prevent price from falling

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/05/2015

stock market

2GO – tried breaking the 8.65 barrier but wasn’t successful. Last try tomorrow. So far no bearish signal yet but better if it will break the current resistance AGI – the 18.06 is still able to support but as it

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 10/23/2015

Philippine Stock Market

2GO – weekly chart shows 2GO still has the bullish bias. Support slope continues to prevent the price from moving down AGI – sideways with bullish bias ALI – bullish sentiment is still there after the Kijun Sen line protected

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 09/29/2015

philippine stock market

AGI – continue to drop and is now at 161.8% Fibonacci Retracement level based on its daily chart. Will there be a strong support at this level? If there will be a bullish candlestick formation tomorrow then you may test

ICT may move sideways between 96 and 100

Weekly chart of ICT is telling us that it is still in an upward trend with Kijun Sen support the price not to go down. This line is also moving around 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement level, additional force for the support.

ICT keeps falling, may find support at 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level

ICT has been dropping since it hit 107.30 per share. Today it fell by 3.6% at the closing breaking the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level which serves as the immediate support. Based in recent history, the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level serves

Harami on ICT

Weekly: Weekly chart on ICT suggests that bulls are still controlling this stock with all Ichimoku elements showing green signals. Although price this week dropped by 5.7% This could mean a discount for those who would like to test the

ICT: Wait until it hits the support line

ICT fell by almost 10% last Friday to close at 93.00 Based on our chart, it seems to hit the support line soon somewhere around 90 – 91. If you look at the channel it is currently trading, the lower

ICT no major warning yet

Still way above the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level, ICT slowly continue to go up but may meet a strong resistance at 73. But so far no warning from our candlestick for this to reverse dramatically. RSI or Relative Strength Index

ICT’s hammer

  There is a possible hammer formation for the ICT. Last Thursday it had a gain of 4.18% but on Friday it dropped 1.83%. Volume last Friday was bigger than the previous day maybe because of cashing out as we