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Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 9/2/2017

Philippine Stock Market

2GO – moving along the support line this week with Kijun Sen line protecting the price movement. A spike may occur this week. Test buy near support but be careful, next support is quite deep in case it will turn

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/25/2016

Philippine stock market

AC – bearish sentiment is evident on this stock after it dropped by 6.7% last week. Although it found support at the Kumo and 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level, it may not be enough for a reversal. It could go sideways

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/18/2016

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AC – the stock found support from the Kumo. If you look at its weekly chart, we have a good bounce from there. Looking at its daily chart, there is still a reason for it to move up in order

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 09/11/2015

Philippine Stock Market

AGF – may continue to slowly move up after it hit 261.8% Fibonacci Retracement level few weeks ago. AGI – sideways but bears are calling the shots. Kijun Sen line is moving horizontally but will soon bend ALI – went

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 08/04/2015

stock market

AGI – weekly chart shows some bullish sentiment after a green candlestick showed at the end of the week. Possible rise to 22 – 23. RSI or Relative Strength Index is at 32.27 ALI – may move sideways after it

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 08/14/2015

philippine stock market

2GO – no bearish signal based on weekly chart but with its Relative Strength Index at 86, do you still want to enter with fresh cash? Risk now is high. To those who were able to get 2GO below 10.50

Will it retrace back to its support slope?

After reaching the resistance slope found on the downward channel created by the price movement of SMPH, will it retrace or break the slope? Notice how this slope prevents SMPH from moving upward last time thus creating a lower low.

Bearish threat wasn’t confirmed

The Gravestone Doji we saw on previous week was not confirmed this week as price went up by 2.1%. Price fell during the week to close the gap and then recover. This is a sign of bullishness. Currently our support

SMPH closing the gap but may touch Kijun Sen line

One of the threats from the bears on SMPH have been realized today. The gap was filled today as SMPH went down and close at 15.78 per share but it seems the Kijun Sen line at 15.54 may still attract the

Too many threats for SMPH?

After almost hitting the Kijun Sen line on weekly chart at 16.86 per share, SMPH slowed down and moved sideways. Currently we have a threat from the gap, the Kijun Sen line and the flat Kumo. In case SMPH will

SMPH establishing new support

SMPH continue to move up and has closed above the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. This is our newly found support. Although Ichimoku elements are still in a bearish setup, we are looking at 16.86 as our target price for SMPH.

SMPH establishing new support level. Will it hold?

SMPH has awaken last week and so far it is moving up, of course with some headwinds and after 4 days of trying to break the 15.52, the price is now hovering above it. This will be our newly found support.

SMPH has awaken

SMPH broke from the triangle and continue to move up and reach the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level. SMPH has been consolidating inside the triangle for so long. Will it still have the energy to move to the next level? I

SMPH may choose to follow the Triangle formation

SMPH may cut short its journey inside the downward channel if it will continue to bounce and broke from the slope. SMPH went up by 1.8% today showing some bullishness. There is a possibility that price will continue to rise

SMPH following a downward channel?

After the weak bullish Kijun Sen on SMPH last Wednesday, it was the bears turn on Friday to respond with a strong bearish signal via the Kijun Sen as price went down by 1.65% to close at 14.74 per share

SMPH: Kijun Sen supporting the price

SMPH has been sleeping while a lot of its peers are already running up and some are already overbought. Will this sleeping giant wake up soon? Based on our chart, the Kijun Sen has been protecting the price not to

SMPH still fighting. Did it create a higher low last week?

It has been a rough week for SMPH as it fell by 4.5% and shaken the bulls. The daily chart is showing some bullishness when we saw a Homing Pigeon formation followed by a green candlestick. Although the green candlestick

SMPH keeps falling after hittin the resistance

After we saw the rise of SMPH last Thursday, it has been falling since then and is currently trying to find a support. Current candlestick does not show any bullish pattern which tells us that SMPH might continue to correct

SMPH may spike up to 50% Fibonacci Retracement level

SMPH went up by 4.9% this week bouncing from the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level as seen on our weekly chart. The immediate resistance would be the 15.84 which, based on recent history there is no action at this level. This

Weak bullish signal on SMPH via Kijun Sen cross

SMPH showed some weak bullish signal via the Kijun Sen cross today as it went up by 1.4% to close at 14.86 per share. The bullishness wasn’t that strong but this is a good development from SMPH knowing that it