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When you hear the word “Kapitan” in our local stock market world it points to one person and that is Lucio Tan. According to He is a Chinese Filipino billionaire with interests in banking, airline, liquor, tobacco and real

Who is Lolo?

Felipe Yap a.k.a Lolo who is associated with broker 162 F. Yap Securities, Inc. is a former PSE chairman. His stocks includes LC/B and MA/B A little bit about F. Yap Mr. Felipe U. Yap has been the Chief Executive

JAP stocks

JAP or Jerry Angping. Others consider him best money manager. He has a brokerage. His shares are ORE, NI, DIZ, LIHC, GEO among others. Here is a bit detailed information about him Mr. Jerry C. Angping has been the President


Are those traders who got panic and sold his shares. It will be mentioned especially when there is a sell-off and all small time traders are shaken out. After which the price will move north again. Sometimes ‘panikis’ hinders the