CPG’s Doji not confirmed. Found new support

The Doji candlestick last week that threats the bulls of possible retracement wasn’t confirmed. Price continue to rise this week with 2.6% change and has found its new support at 1.54 per share or around 50% Fibonacci Retracement level. Bears may try to break the support but if this level will hold then we might see CPG move to another level around 1.65 and finally to the flat top (Senkou Span) of the Kumo. Chikou Span is still in green light. We are expecting some other elements to go green soon.


2 Responses to CPG’s Doji not confirmed. Found new support

  1. Boss felix ano po analysis nyo sa DNL

  2. Felix T. Gomez Jr. says:

    Based on weekly chart I don't see any hindrance, so far, for DNL to reach all time high and beyond. It may reach 10 but may take a lot of ups and downs in going there.

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