DAVIN may continue to register record highs

DAVIN broke the resistance slope today with a convincing power. The closing candlestick doesn’t show any bearish bias. DAVIN has the potential to reach 5.x based on the breakout from the small triangle when it formed a lower high and higher low. There is no threat from the Ichimoku elements but RSI is showing bearish divergence and in order to negate this one, we need to see a break from this pattern. Will it happen tomorrow?

We may also see a test from newly found support but if we will not encounter a bearish candlestick during the test then DAVIN will continue to soar high.

For those who bought DAVIN last Friday may continue to hold it unless the support will be broken. For those who wants to get a piece of DAVIN may test buy near the support in case a retrace will happen.

Plan your trade and trade your plan.


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