MPI bounced from lower slope heading towards resistance level

After moving for a few days near the support slope, MPI went up today with 3.5% change from previous close. Looks like it is heading for the resistance slope. Are we going to see MPI hit near 4.90 per share soon? We have been monitoring this stock since the time we saw the Doji at the resistance level and waited for it to touch the support (Is MPI going to bounce at this time?). Looks like the waiting has paid off.

Current RSI or Relative Strength Index is now near the overbought level. Price may continue to move inside the channel but based on weekly chart where it broke from the Falling Wedge, there is still a good upside for MPI. Just ride the wave.


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  1. […] up by 2.7% to close at 4.90 per share. MPI has been moving within the channel for few weeks now (MPI bounced from lower slope heading towards resistance level) and so far didn’t upset us. Now that it is close to its resistance which is the upper slope […]

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