Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 11/11/2016

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AC – down by 13% last week and no bullish signal is seen yet. Better not to be in a hurry to buy even when RSI or Relative Strength Index is at 26 Wait for the signal.

ACR – currently bear’s power have weaken. This is seen through the Doji candlestick. Will the bulls take control of this stock this week? Test buy at current levels or wait for the confirmation

AGI – continued to fall last week with 5.4% drop. It is now near the 12.16 low 10 months ago which is an interesting level. The stock is already oversold. If a bullish candlestick signal will appear, test buy.

ALI – the price is currently at 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level which is its support. Interesting level to monitor for possible bounce. But wait for the signal. Next support is at 30.40 per share in case bears will continue to dump their shares.



ANI – still in consolidation mode but with bullish bias.

ARA – no confirmation from previous doji candlestick. It went down by 3.5% last week and may continue to move down further unless a long candlestick will appear and bulls may take control and push where the Kijun Sen line is. Resistance is at 2.23 per share while next support is at 2.00 per share.

AT – no bearish sentiment seen yet but the stock is already overbought so be extra careful if you want to play this stock. Support is seen at 4.52 per share

BDO – may consolidate within the 108.20 and 111.40 per share range while it is inside the Kumo or Cloud.

BEL – previous Doji candlestick was not confirmed although bearish sentiment wasn’t negated well, there is still a greater chance it will go up this week. Keep holding for now if you have entered already.

BHI – currently at support area but now sign of bullishness yet. Don’t be on the rush to buy.

BLOOM – is on indecisive mood depicted by the Doji candlestick last week. May retrace if it will be confirmed. Otherwise it will break from the Kumo and proceed with the 7.50 – 7.60 per share target.

BPI – showing some bullish sentiment after it almost recover from the its lowest of 92 and going up to close at 96.1 per share. This shows us a Hammer candlestick which, if confirmed, will make the price bounce and challenge the resistance at 101.22 per share. Immediate resistance that needs to be broken is 97.14 per share.

BRN – went up by 11.3% to close at 1.18 per share but last Friday’s attempt to break from the Kumo was futile. Selling pressure may be felt this week.

CAL – no bullish signal yet. It may touch the 2.66 per share support before a bounce will occur or if we will see a bullish candlestick at current level. Don’t be in a rush to get in.

CEB – sideways with bullish bias.

COSCO – tested the newly found support last Friday and so far as been successful. Just hold your shares if you have already bought some during the Kumo Break.

CPG – failed Kumo Break and may now continue to consolidate inside the Kumo.

CROWN – still consolidating inside the triangle with a neutral candlestick. It could be a breakout or breakdown anytime soon.

CYBR – range trade between 0.59 and 0.53 per share

DAVIN – may continue its slow upward movement.

DD – sideways with bearish bias

DIZ – registered a bullish signal via Kijun Sen Cross. Price may continue to move up. Next resistance is 9.00 per share and then 10 per share.

DMC – a failed confirmation to the Doji candlestick the previous week. Price may move sideways but with bearish bias.

DNL – still trading the range at 10.83 and 11.94 per share.

EDC – no bullish signal but a Marubozu candlestick could be a precursor to a bounce. Just don’t be in a rush to get in. Next support is at 5.20 per share. Test buy only if you see a bullish candlestick formation.

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EEI – currently at the mercy of its support. Should this Kumo be broken, next support is at 6.25 per share. No interesting formation seen yet.

EW – testing the newly found support and so far it was holding. It may continue to trade the 18.9 – 19.70 range.

FGEN – sideways with bearish bias.

FLI – sideways with bearish bias.

FNI – while we have a positive sentiment on this stock, expect a test for the newly found support after it broke from the Kumo. It would also help loosen up the RSI which is already high. Kijun Sen line at 1.19 per share could attract the price this week.

FOOD – sideways with bearish bias.

GERI – bears continue to strengthen its position. A spike may occur but for fire exit only.

GLO – is getting closer to its support at 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level. Be on the watch for a bullish candlestick pattern so you can test buy. The stock is already oversold.

HVN – the stock may look oversold but no bullish signal is seen yet.

ICT – currently at support level. A possible bounce if Doji candlestick will be confirmed. Test buy near the support at 71.82 per share. This is where the Kijun Sen line that is acting as support right now.

IDC – testing the support provided by the Kumo. Test buy near 3.70 per share. The Kijun Sen line at 4.76 per share may pull the price up.

ION – still hovering the support area. Will there be a spike?

IS – sideways with bullish bias but spike may only be short-lived.

ISM – it has already broken the long standing support at 1.43 per share. Bears are currently in control. Psychological support 1.30 per share may challenge the bears but looks weak for now.

JGS – bearish sentiment has been fortified after it broke from the Kumo and its 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level which both acted as supports.

LC – sideways with bullish bias.

LIHCShooting Star candlestick appeared last week. This is a bearish signal. If confirmed, price may drop to 1.0 per share where Kijun Sen Line is. Otherwise, we will see a sideways movement.

LPZ – bears power is dissipating. Are we going to see the bulls bring the price up this week?

LR – sideways with bullish bias.

MARC – may continue its upward movement following last week’s 4.2% rise.

MAXS – another indecisive sentiment but this time bears is gaining traction.

MBT – went down by 2.6% to close at 77.25 per share last week. Looks like it is poised to hit the 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level soon unless a comeback above 78 per share will happen.

MCP – sideways with bullish bias.

MED – range trade between 0.74 and 0.92 per share.

MEG – bears took the control last week as price went down by 6% to close at 3.78 per share. There was no confirmation on previous week’s Doji. Next support is at 3.54 per share.

MRC – bears are still in control and price may continue to drop to 0.137 per share while no bullish candlestick is seen.

MRSGI – bears are still in control.

NI – wasn’t able to broke the Kumo last week but another test is highly to occur this week.

NIKL – may face a headwind this week but overall sentiment is bullish.

NOW – Kijun Sen line at 2.98 per share may cause the price to spike at that level.

PGOLD – good bounce from 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level. It went up by 9.4% to close at 43.10 per share. This week will test the stock while it is facing a headwind.

PLC – testing the support provided by the Kumo last week and so far it holds but there is still a threat from Kijun Sen line at 1.0 per share so be cautious. Resistance is at 1.23 per share in case it will go up.

SSI – a spike towards 3.19 could still happen while Kijun Sen line continues to move horizontally at that level.

X – did a test of newly found resistance and it failed. There is still a high possibility it will try to test this week.

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