Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 12/15/2017

philippine stock market

AGI – sideways with bullish bias. Could be back at 17.00 very soon

ALCO – may continue to consolidate within the 0.82 – 1.00 range

ALI – still in consolidation mode with bears gaining momentum

ANI – no bearish or bullish signal found. This may continue to move sideways this week

BDO – up by 6.1% week on week. No bearish signal found yet which means price may continue to move up but be careful as it is already overbought with RSI or Relative Strength Index at 82

BEL – closing into resistance area with strong bullish sentiment. Breaking into the resistance will bring the price towards 4.40 per share.

BHI – sideways with bearish bias

BKR – sideways within 2.00 and 2.22 per share range.

BLOOM – may continue to move up this week and challenge 12.00 per share resistance

BRN – having a problem breaking from the resistance area it is currently trying to break. Strength of the bulls haven’t weaken as yet and a push towards 1.20 per share could still be achieved this week. Still be wary.

CEI – sideways with bearish bias

CLC – trying to beat the resistance at 9.11 but failed. Another try is set this week with possibility of going sideways.

COSCO – bulls are holding back in pushing the price up last week. Will they do it this week? Bulls could push the price up towards 8.00 per share but a failed attempt could bring the price towards 7.20 per share support

DD – sideways with bullish bias

DNA – may continue to move up this week with support provided by the Kumo seen on daily chart. Resistance at 4.56 per share created by Kijun Sen line.

DNL – sideways with bullish bias. There is a threat seen on daily chart but it will be gone soon.

ECP – no bearish signal found yet but be very careful in playing with this stock.

EEI – sideways with bearish bias while we see a weak bearish signal.

EMP – sideways with bearish bias.

FLI – up by 2.2% to close at 1.84 per share but bulls are hesitant to push it further. It loses steam after hitting 1.92 per share. This stock may just move sideways this week.

HVN – sideways within 17 – 18.00 per share range. No significant bullish or bearish signal.

IDC – fell 22.4% week on week with no bullish formation found yet. Price movement may produce some spikes but bearish sentiment is still prevalent at this time.

IMI – sideways with bearish bias

ION – sideways with bullish bias. Previous test at resistance wasn’t successful but bulls may try again this week. Resistance is at 2.50 per share.

JFC – sideways with bearish bias. Support is at 243.00 per share.

JGS – up by 5.6% last week. Price may continue to move up while bulls are still in control but Kumo at 75.8 may hinder price from moving further up.

LR – wasn’t able to sustain its rally from previous week. Price was blocked by the Kijun Sen line at 4.52 per share. Price may move sideways before making another attempt to break the resistance.

MAXS – sideways with bearish bias.

MBT – may continue to move within an upward channel towards the support slope.

MEG – sideways with bullish bias. Support is at 5.05 per share while resistance at 5.45 per share.

MPI – up by 2.0% as it tests the newly found resistance. Looks like the bears are still in control after the attempt of breaking the resistance slope.

MRC – may continue to drop and test the support at 0.335 per share. Test buy when you see a bullish candlestick formation at the support.

NOW – bears are in control after breaking from the Kumo which acts as support. Current support is pegged at 2.60 and 2.45 per share.

PGOLD – may consolidate within 47.88 and 50.70 per share range.

PXP – down by 7.3% to close at 7.90 per share. Support is at 7.59 per share and we expect it will come closer to that range. Test buy once it hits the range with bullish candlestick pattern. Otherwise, leave it for now.

TUGS – went up as high as 5.32 per share but loses steam and settled at 4.81 per share. It is up by 3.0% week on week but bears start gaining control. Will there be a retrace now that it reaches 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level?



X – up by 41.1% week on week with the possibility of topping at 6.0 per share Kijun Sen line keeps pulling the price up.

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