Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 5/5/2017

Philippine Stock Market

2GO – showing bearish sentiment last Friday after it went up to 18.60 per share and drop to close at 16.20 per share. RSI or Relative Strength Index is also high at 92.8 on weekly chart.

ALI – showing bullish sentiment last Friday after it pierced through the Kumo. Next resistance is at 37.95 per share

ANI – went up by 4.2% to close at 6.00 per share. This is its resistance level. A break from this will bring the price to 7.00 per share which will satisfy the PRZ we saw few weeks ago.

APL – shows bullish sentiment after consolidating for a month. But is it enough for APL to finally break from the consolidation?

APX – went up by 26.2% to close at 1.88 per share. Price went up almost touching the Kijun Sen Line. It failed to close above 1.95 per share which is its resistance. Bulls may try to break it this week.

BDO – may break the 125 per share resistance this week. It ends with a bullish bias last Friday.

BEL – is currently at resistance slope. It has been moving inside an upward channel. If price movement will continue to respect its track, then expect for the price to retrace, otherwise it will break from the trails and create another form. Next resistance is at 4.5 per share.

BHI – weekly chart shows BHI testing the newly found support and has so far been successful. Could it reach 0.11 this week?

BLOOM – continued to move up last week closing at 9.50 per share. Will it reached its PRZ at 11 per share before retracing? No bearish candlestick found yet as of last week.



BRN – almost reaching its resistance slope. BRN has been moving inside the downward channel. Is it going to disrepect its current trail?

CAL – trading within the 1.82 and 2.06 per share range. Sideways movement is seen while no bullish/bearish candlestick formation has been achieved.

CEB – knocking on Kumo’s Senkou Span A. This is its current resistance. A red candlestick will signify bearish bias and may bring the price to 105 per share while a break from the Kumo will bring the price to 113.23 per share

COSCO – after it has failed to form the handle of the cup, price has been consolidating inside the Kumo. No bullish signal formed yet but it is worth monitoring.

CPM – sideways with bearish bias

DD – may continue to move sideways while inside the Kumo

EEI – resistance proved to be strong last week. Price declined by 2.5% at the close. In case it will continue to decline, support is at 9.50 per share.

EW – sideways with bearish bias.

FLI – sideways with bullish bias.

IMI – no bearish signal formed last week which mean it is likely to continue moving up. Next resistance is at 9.0 per share.

IRC – test buy if you will see a bullish signal pattern. It is because it is currently at support level.

IS – went up by 4.9% to close at 0.191 per share. This may continue to move up this week testing the 0.208 per share resistance along the way.

LIHC – the stock may continue to move up this week hitting the resistance slope

LR – sideways with bullish bias

MAXS – back at support where it settled last December before bouncing. Monitor the candlestick formation this week and test buy if you see a bullish formation.

MBT – broke the Kumo last week which is a bullish signal but it is not yet safe with the resistance at 86.63. Nonetheless, the bullish sentiment is getting stronger.

MCP – just reached its potential. Is it going to retrace to create a handle?

MEG – is up by 3.4% but may meet a strong headwind this week caused by the Kumo or Cloud

MRC – the threat at 0.30 is constantly haunting this stock unless price will be pushed above 0.48 per share. With RSI or Relative Strength Index at 91, looks like there will be more selling pressure than buying.

NOW – while no bullish candlestick formation seen as of this time, price may continue to drop and find support at 2.40 per share. Test buy only if you see a bullish candlestick formation.

PGOLD – burst through the Kumo. Price may continue to move up following the bullish signal called Kumo Break.



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