Price breaks Kijun Sen, weak bullish signal for TA

TA went up by 6.04% to close at 1.58 today. Price movement showed that TA made a Kijun Sen cross which is considered weak bullish signal. Weak because TA is still in a downward trend and as you can see price is below the Kumo or Cloud. It needs extra attention if you are holding this stock. But I think it would be very much rewarding as we still see some upside. Chikou Span is about to turn on the green light but TA failed to close at 1.60 or above.

See how the Kijun Sen line attracts the price of TA when it was moving in a horizontal fashion. Now if we look at the weekly chart, we notice that Kijun Sen line is moving horizontally at 2.04

RSI or Relative Strength Index is still going up and haven’t reached the overbought level yet.


3 Responses to Price breaks Kijun Sen, weak bullish signal for TA

  1. Christopher Lapinid says:

    Not to mention MaCD also signals weak bullishness…

  2. Fe Edano says:

    wow thanks madam sa mga posting mo sa ta

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