After ROX rally to as high as 7.5 per share from 2.58, it has retraced and moved sideways at 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement level. This level has been a very important support for ROX so far but there are also forces that makes it difficult for it to rise. Recently we have our Kijun Sen moving in a horizontal line at 5.77 where in the price has been attracted.

For those who would like to get some ROX, you may test buy at this level down to the 38.2% line because there is a cup in development. If this will indeed be developed then we will see ROX to hit the 7.50 again.

Downside of this is that we also have a threat of ROX going to 4.89 in case our support will not hold. This 4.89 is the Senkou Span B of our daily cloud and on weekly chart, it is where our Kijun Sen is moving horizontally.

Have your trading plan ready in case you want to get in.


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