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Losing steam?

BLOOM went past the 11.98 per share resistance but wasn’t able to sustain its strength. It closed at 11.8 per share leaving a bearish candlestick at the closing. At this point, its the bears that are in control and price

No sign of life yet for AR

Weekly chart shows price crossing the Kijun Sen line which is a weak bearish signal and daily chart is showing us that price may still go down and may find support at 0.0064 per share where 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level

Is it going to form a cup?

AP may continue to move up and create a cup with target around 42.5 per share to level with the previous high. Both Ichimoku elements on weekly and daily charts are in bullish position which supports our speculation about the

SM consolidating. Breakout or move towards support?

SM may consolidate inside a triangle formation with base or lower range at 770 per share. Notice that the last candlestick is showing some bearishness and could be a hint that this stock will move towards the support line. In

EMP showing bullish bias at the end of the day

EMP hit 10.32 per share before recovering from the plunge and close at 10.98 per share. This creates a Hammer candlestick which is a reversal pattern. Could this be the start of its ascend? The bulls may have won the

PGOLD nearing support slope

After PGOLD touched the resistance slope, it went down for two consecutive days and is nearing the support slope. This is now the time to monitor the stock closely. No bullish candlestick formation yet but it might appear near the

Is the Bullish Harami enough to scare the bears on MCP?

MCP is showing a green candlestick today. Is this enough to scare off the bears or they are just resting for now. Price almost touch the 161.8% Fibonacci Retracement level before it manage to close above yesterday’s close creating a

TA’s playground becoming tighter each day

TA continue to consolidate inside a triangle since we saw it reach 2.68 last May. Today’s candlestick may be another lower high and price may go back to the support level where Kumo may also help support the price. The

Will PX be able to reach the flat Kumo?

PX went up by 29.5% the recent week and is about to touch the 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement level. We should monitor this level because this might act as strong resistance to break. Selling pressure maybe felt at this level since

ORE touching the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level

ORE touched the 78.6% Fibonacci Retracement level today as it fell by 7.1% at the close. Is this the bottom for ORE? We don’t have any bullish pattern from our candlestick as of today but this is worth watching tomorrow


DD registered a new high today making the previous high our newly found support which is the 4.62 per share. Although we don’t have the complete elements for Ichimoku system, our Tenkan Sen and Kijun Sen lines are in a

MWIDE almost done with the cup?

MWIDE is currently on track in creating the cup which will end near 14.71 per share. After that we need to monitor if it will create a handle or it will continue to move upwards. Based on our weekly chart,

Bearish One Black Crow on ALI

ALI’s weekly chart is showing some bearish sentiment via the Bearish One Black Crow. This pattern appears in an uptrend and consists of a green candlestick and a red candlestick in which the red candlestick opens below the previous close

Bullish Harami Cross on BHI

After falling from 0.162 per share to 0.137 per share yesterday, BHI showed some bullish moves as it gap up at the opening and went as high as 0.14 per share. Although it wasn’t able to sustain the run, it

NI still finding support. Is it near its bottom?

Last March 6 we ask how deep is NI’s correction will be and it seems it haven’t found its bottom yet. Kijun Sen line is still moving horizontally at 2.59 which may attract the price. Immediate support at 2.71 or 38.2%

MBT on resistance level

Weekly chart of MBT is telling us that it is currently at a resistance level and may continue to experience headwinds. Last Friday we saw how the bears were able to get back to their feet, taking away the gains

MBT has awaken. Start of a new rally?

MBT has awaken from its deep sleep. Today it went up by 2.8% almost touching the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level we have set few weeks ago. The marubozu candlestick today suggests a fresh start for the stock. It may continue

Kumo Break on BHI. Will it hit near 0.16?

Last time we saw BHI hit 0.13 and speculated that it will bounce (BHI hit 0.13, will it bounce?) BHI made a Kumo Break today sending a strong bullish signal. Current support is at 0.147 while next stop could be

Is FGEN done consolidating?

After consolidating for few days, it looks like FGEN is ready to move higher. Resistance is at 18.11 while support is still the same at 16.85 where the bulls were able to hold the price from going down. RSI or

Bearish Harami on URC. Will the bulls be able to stop the bears?

URC is showing some bearish bias after the rally last Thursday that brought the price to as high as 135 per share. Notice the red candlestick after the large green one? The last two candlesticks is forming a Harami pattern.