Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 7/21/2017

Philippine stock market

2GO – sideways with bullish bias. If Kumo on daily chart will be broken, it will hit 28 per share. ABS – may continue to move up and eventually hit strong resistance near 47 per share. Other resistances are 43.3

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 3/31/2017

Philippine Stock Market

AC – sideways with bullish bias ALI – price is currently resting on support level at 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level. Bearish sentiment can be felt as it closed at the low last week. Even if its sitting on support level,

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 2/3/2017

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AC – most likely to move forward after having no clear candlestick formation and price is moving inside the Kumo. Trading range is seen at 790 – 835 per share. ALCO – no bearish candlestick seen at the week’s closing.

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 1/6/2017

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ALI – up by 7.8% last week but slowed down last Friday as it reached the resistance area. Senkou Span of the Kumo resists the price from continuing its upward trend. Will it be broken this week or it will

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 4/01/2016

philippine stock market

AC – sideways with bullish bias ACR – revisits the previous low. If bullish candlestick will appear at this level, it might spike just like last time. Otherwise stay away AGI – a test of newly found support is what

Philippine Stock Market – Update on selected stocks 10/02/2015

Philippine Stock Market

BLOOM – the stock continues to go down. Last week it dropped by 18.6% to close at 4.87 per share. It broke the 127.2% Fibonacci Retracement level and may continue to go down towards 161.8% level unless the bulls will

Updates on selected stocks 07/14/2015

Bear Bull

ALI – it has reached the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level after the bounce. Although we don’t see any bearish signal from our candlesticks, it is important to monitor the stocks movement and formation of its candlesticks. A bearish formation will


Bearish sentiment is still there following the Dark Cloud Cover we saw yesterday. Today it went down by 8.9% to close at 3.28 per share. There might be some spikes but it seems PPC will go down further based on

Negating Dark Cloud Cover

AR continue to move upwards negating the bearishness brought by the Dark Cloud Cover. Will it reach the possible target we saw last time when it break from the triangle? All Ichimoku elements are in bullish setup while RSI or

Dark Cloud Cover on CMT

Dark Cloud Cover on CMT after it drop by 5.7% to close at 2.83 per share. Is this the sign that CMT is going to fall for the rest of the week? The support areas we need to watch are

Will it be supported by the slope?

While we see a possible bounce at the support line for CEI based on its last candlestick, weekly chart is showing a bearish Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern. This may tell us that a spike on its daily chart could

Bears trying to close the gap

Yesterday’s Dark Cloud Cover has scared the bulls away as the price continue to move downward. The 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level that acted as a support yesterday turned out to be weak as the price easily broke it during the

Dark Cloud Cover on weekly chart

The last two candlesticks on DD’s weekly chart is showing a bearish sentiment via the Dark Cloud Cover. The last candlestick is telling us that the bulls power is diminishing and a possible correction is incoming. The confirmation level is

Strong support on GERI

So far the there is no confirmation for the Dark Cloud Cover for GERI and as far as the support is concerned, it has prevented the price from moving downward. If the 1.91 will continue to hold, the Kijun Sen

Dark Cloud Cover on GERI

After the profitable rally by GERI, the bears may take control. Today it fell by 4.1% and forming a Dark Cloud Cover. This candlestick formation is telling us that the bears are starting to take hold of the battlefield. If

FLI moving inside an upward channel. Currently at resistance level

We saw how FLI move within the upward channel for few weeks now. Current price movement suggests that FLI is at the resistance level with a Doji candlestick and additional resistance from Kijun Sen line. Will it move down from

Dark Cloud Cover on COSCO

COSCO is showing a bearish sentiment today via the Dark Cloud Cover candlestick pattern. Is this going to be the end for COSCO’s rally or just a headwind? Our immediate support is at 9.0 while the next one is near

COSCO generally bearish but spike may give us some gain. Kijun Sen seen at 9.40

COSCO’s weekly chart shows a Bullish One White Soldier candlestick pattern which could indicate the start of COSCO’s spike. A possible spike to 9.40 unless the Kijun Sen line will take another course. Daily chart shows that the 127.2% Fibonacci

SCC may develop a handle for the cup

Weekly: The Dark Cloud Cover last week was confirmed this week. Looks like SCC is heading south at the moment and while Kijun Sen line is moving in a horizontal fashion, price may be attracted to this line. Notice also

Dark Cloud Cover on BHI

BHI is showing bearish sentiment by way of Dark Cloud Cover. The pattern is formed near the resistance line which just add more bearish sentiment. Will it drop and touch the support line? While BHI’s price may drop, this could