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Are the bears tired or giving us time to breath before another drop?

After the big drop yesterday, the bulls where able to stop the our index from further decline. It close today with 2.34 points and formed a reversal candlestick pattern via a Doji Star. This pattern suggests that the bears are

Doji Star on TA’s weekly chart

Weekly: TA has been going down for many weeks now and for those who are waiting for a possible rebound on TA and escape with minimal loss may have the chance to do it this week. Based on weekly chart,

Doji Star not confirmed

Weekly: CPG fell by 15% this week and while we still see the weak bullish signal via the Tenkan Sen / Kijun Sen Cross, Chikou Span continue to disagree with the sentiment thus making the already weak bullish signal weaker.

CPG is still alive. Doji Star may signal a reversal

CPG is showing some bullish signal by way of a Doji Star. Dojis are weak signal so we need a confirmation the next day via a large green candlestick. If price will continue to drop tomorrow and no confirmation found,

Doji Star on ALI?

Weekly: Weekly chart is showing a bullish ALI based on the Kumo Breakout and Kijun Sen cross. Although confidence is quite high at this time, Chikou Span didn’t confirm the full reversal just yet, as current price is below the

Doji Star on PX but interesting Weekly chart

Checking the weekly performance of PX, it went up last week by a total of 18.39% following the previous week’s Long Legged Doji (refer to weekly chart). Looks like a confirmed reversal? On daily chart, we have a weak reversal

Doji Star Pattern on ALI

ALI has been in a bullish trend with some shallow corrections. Today we see a Doji Star pattern on its chart. Will there be a shallow correction in order for new entrants to come in? Or today is just a

ANI looks appealing (weekly chart)

ANI has been a disappointing stock to some traders because it has been in a downtrend for quite a while now. Lately it dropped by 11% in a week. But last week was a little different when we see a