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SLI may retrace and touch where Kijun Sen line is

SLI went down by 3.1% to close at 0.95 per share last Friday. Notice also that the previous price high registered a higher RSI but the recent high registered a lower high. This means that SLI has a bearish divergence

Strong resistance at 0.96

SLI went up today by 4.4% to close at 0.94 per share. It wasn’t able to sustain its rally when it hit 0.96 per share but still SLI looks bullish. Notice how the RSI line bounced and is currently pointing

Wait for the candlestick signal

After successive fall, SLI’s chart looks interesting. Today it touches the 0.88 per share where the Kijun Sen line is. We just need to see a bullish candlestick pattern for it to bounce from this level, else it will go

Bollinger Band Squeeze on SLI

SLI is tightening or narrowing its Bollinger Band now. It has been trading near its 52-week low for quiet sometime now. Will there be a spark for SLI in the coming days? Note that narrowing bands do not provide any

SLI: Sa Langit Iintayin or Sa Lupa ililibing?

SLI registered the 52-week low yesterday (intraday) at 0.64 and today its able to rebound a bit. Is it a dead cat bouncing before laying it down 6 feet under? Or SLI have reach it low and is now ready

Calm down SLI. Need to break 76.4% Fibonacci Retracement level

SLI‘s trading volume has been decreasing day after day as price went down but these past two days, it seems that SLI is trying to normalize the situation. Based on the chart we could see that the closing price of

SLI (Sa Lahat ng Ipit): going into the abyss?

Is it a last call for SLI to jump ship or its the base for the jumping board? SLI continuously going south as traders continue to put selling pressure. RSI or Relative Strength Index is now at 19.20. Will this

SLI extending consolidation time. Symmetrical Triangle formation is still present

Looks like SLI needs to extend its consolidation time. The Symmetrical Triangle formation is still present while traders are guessing as to how much will be the FOO price will be. Although Symmetrical Triangles are most of the time considered

Price action still within the Symmetrical Triangle

What we saw last time with the Symmetrical Triangle on SLI still holds true. Almost breaking from the triangle last Friday but settled at 0.99 Although the 50% Fibonacci Retracement level seemed a challenge for SLI, the lower slope proves to

Symmetrical Triangle on SLI

From below 0.70 per shaer last January, this stock went up as high as 1.35 before going down. The price action creates a Symmetrical Triangle. This formation is regarded as a continuation pattern. What’s happening during this formation is that

SLI: Sa Lahat ng Ipit, rescue is ongoing

SLI did a good job today avoiding turning red. It closed by 15.91% to 1.02 Is this the beginning of its reversal? We have a Harami pattern formed in today’s chart. As we can see we have a green candlestick