TLB Glossary

TLB Glossary

AAA – Battery
ALI – Alibangbang
ANI – Magtanim ay di biro
AGI – Aguroy
ARA – Concert
BKR – Bakery, tinapay
BLOOM – dilig dilig
BRN – Chris Brown
COSCO – koskos
CPG – CPoGi; boxer
CROWN – relo; rolex
DMPL – Dimples
DNL – Daniela
FLI – Fly
GERI – Mang Geri, tuba
IMI – Posporo
LC – White lady
LMG – Lamig
LRW – Larawan
LTG – Latigo
MED – Medikol
MER – Kuryente
MWC – Tubig
NI – Ipad Mini
PGOLD – fegold
PLC – PaLagingCalma
PPC – PamPaCalma
POPI – popeye; kangkong
PXP – Uncle
SFI – Hotdog
SGI – Saging
UNI – Ballpen
URC – biskwit
VITA – Vitamins
VMC – Asukal
WEB – Spiderman
ZHI – bunsong kapatid

Ma Higgs – Whipsaw
Bongot’s stock – PGOLD, Cosco, Davin
Tatang stocks – SM, SMPH

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