Updates on selected stocks 07/14/2015

Bear Bull

ALI – it has reached the 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement level after the bounce. Although we don’t see any bearish signal from our candlesticks, it is important to monitor the stocks movement and formation of its candlesticks. A bearish formation will make it a strong suggestion that the stock may retrace. Absence of that means it will continue to move up towards next resistance.

BDO – after falling from the support, BDO is testing how strong the newly found resistance is. Looks like it is really strong.

BEL – may continue to move up towards the Kijun Sen line and may experience headwind on that area.

BHI – could a pull towards 0.088 be possible via KSL’s magnetic power?

BKR – trading near 161.8% Fibonacci Retracement level before bouncing today. Will there be a continuation tomorrow?

BLOOM – after visiting near the support slope, BLOOM went up and hit the resistance slope. Based on how the bulls where able to push the price up, there could be a continuation tomorrow. Will it eventually break the resistance?

BPI – weekly chart is showing a good sign as of this time but we need to see how it will close this week. Remember last week we have a hammer. Are we going to see a confirmation this week?

CAL – so far confirmation candlestick can’t be seen. Looks like CAL will have a dim week. Let’s see.

CROWN – continue to move within the 2.33 and 2.58 per share range. The flat kumo keeps the price from flying

DNL – may test the resistance at 20.83 per share. Looks like bears will not challenge the bulls in that area?

FED – the kumo is quite strong for the bulls this time.

FNI – too many bearish signals from Ichimoku elements

MAXS – moving away from the resistance and is about to meet a new one via the Kumo. Headwind coming.

MEGDark Cloud Cover on MEG near the Kumo that acts as immediate resistance. Time to retrace?

MPI – going strong today as it broke another resistance. Going towards 5.x level?

PCOR – after it broke the support at 8.45 per share, looks like it is heading towards 7.x level?

PGOLD – bearish sentiment is still in the air. Will it eventually reach 34.x level?

PLC – PLC is now above 1.30 per share. Thats our resistance. It is now our newly found support. Test buy near the support. Next resistance is at 1.40 per share.

PNX – will KSL be able to pull the price up towards 3.6x per share? Or 3.40 per share will be a strong resistance for PNX?

POPIDoji at after few days of rally. Are the bulls tired already? If price will retrace at this level then this could be its first lower high of the series.

PPC – yesterday’s hammer was not confirmed but today we have another hammer. Let’s see how it will close this week.

PSPC – Dark Cloud Cover on today’s candlestick formation. This is a bearish signal. Let us see if we will get a confirmation tomorrow. Notice that the price is currently inside the Kumo. The Senkou Span may help support the price?


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