URC’s price inside Kumo

Weekly: Ichimoku elements on URC are all bullish except for one. Chikou Span is suggesting that there is a bearish bias. If price will close below 125.5 this week then Chikou Span will continue to show bearish sentiment but a close above it will wipe out the sentiment coming from Chikou Span. Again, other elements are still showing bullish sentiments.

Daily: The shifting of Kumo breakout from bearish to bullish brought some bullish bias to the holders but last Friday it seems that there was a hesitation on the bulls side. Was the rally on Thursday just a fire exit or was the bulls got tired already and need some time to relax? Currently our price is inside the Kumo which is considered a “trendless zone” and anything can happen. Chikou Span is still telling us that that URC is still in an upward trend (but not that much of a slope). As long as price will continue to stay above the price 26 periods ago (reflected by Chikou Span) then we can still stay with URC.


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