Will BLOOM continue to rise?

BLOOM went up last week by a total of 4.5% Is this going to be the start of BLOOM‘s rise? Last December 28, 2013 we ask this question Is it the bottom for BLOOM? and so far this stock is creating higher low last December 23.

We could see on its weekly chart that Kijun Sen line is currently moving in a horizontal line in which at this position, this line has the greatest tendency to attract the price. Will this bring BLOOM’s price back to 10 level? As long as it is moving horizontally, there is a greater chance it will but not when it starts to bend.

Other than the Kijun Sen making a horizontal line, we don’t see any elements from Ichimoku that is saying it is in an uptrend. So take extra care.

RSI or Relative Strength Index is still very healthy and is pointing upwards which is a good sign.


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