Will PGOLD be able to spike to 40 level?

Could this be the start of PGOLD‘s ascend after a long fall from 41? Today we are looking at the Harami Cross pattern from our candlesticks. This signifies that the bears power is diminishing. The almost Doji candlestick today signifies that there is an increasing level of indecision and uncertainty that amplifies the likelihood of a trend change and cause a reversal.

But based on Ichimoku system, we are still in a downward trend so if spike may happen, it may only be short-lived so be careful. I think the 40 – 41 may be hit but may not be able to surpass that line this time. The 40 – 41 range may also be possible if the Kijun Sen will continue to move horizontally as what it is doing right now.


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